From Her Closet To Worldwide Meet: Yumel Gonzalez - YG COLLECTION

From Her Closet To Worldwide Meet: Yumel Gonzalez

By: Nia Guevara    

Yumel Gonzalez turned her dreams into reality ... through luxury fashion.


Coming to the United States at 6 years old and growing up in a middle-class household, by immigrant parents that advocated the American Dream , Yumel recalls being told to apprehend a good education, find a “well” paying corporate job, invest and retire. Early on, since her youth days she knew she was destined for a different outcome.

As a teenager, she remembers finding a profound interest in luxury fashion, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent . With this admiration and strong desire to win — she created her own luxury fashion.

How did she do it?

In 2019, she discovered how captivated others were in her sense of style. This is where her adventure began, with the clothes stashed behind her closet. 

I always had a passion for clothes...” Yumel says, “One day, I needed money and realized I had so many of the same items, but never worn so I began selling my still tagged clothes and realized I absolutely loved it. It did something to me, seeing others in something hand picked by me, I loved how it fit them, and most importantly I loved how it drove them out of their comfort zone, my closet was full of clothes that provided a vehicle for expression.

And just like that 6 months later on July 7th 2019, a new online-based boutique had emerged. Mixing her love of luxury and lifestyle, it didn't take long for the collection to prove to be a hit and take off. “My name is a combination of both my parents name Yudy & Melquisedec, I’m proud of who I am, where I come from, and how far I’ve come, so I named my business The YG collection, after myself  Yumel Gonzalez” She states, referring to her new clothing empire.

What does the collection compose off?

The designs hand picked by Yumel aren’t based on a specific target audience, but rather on creating something that suits everyones, she makes it very clear she wants there to be no target audience. It seems the collection includes a wide variety of pieces that can adapt to almost any occasion. 

Some of the different high quality materials that contribute to making these designs so comfortable to wear are Nylon, Polyester and Cotton with Broadcloth fabric.

Many say her collection feels like playing dress up, endless looks you can recreate. Yes, they are beautiful pieces, but they are more than that, these are clothes that hold no limitations to how you can style them. 

If you could define her creations in just one word, I’d say versatile. 

Exactly what does she aim to achieve?

I only aspire to empower, to be liberating ” she told us “I want everyone to build self confidence, which all starts with how you look and feel, and I truly believe my clothes could provide that.” 

It all makes sense now being that her favorite quote comes from a French Fashion designer and business woman Gabrielle Bonheur , “Every day is a fashion show and the world is the runaway”. In Post-World War l she was credited for liberating women from the constraints of the “corseted silhouette". What you don’t know is she is the founder and namesake of the Chanel brand also known as "CoCo Chanel".

What's next for her?

This 21 year old entrepreneur is working on a new clothing line, every detail hand designed by her. (HINT) Jeans are in the making.

Let’s just say Yumel aims high and her mission is clear: she wishes to transcend fashion,build confidence and continue to provide a vehicle for expression.

"P.S thank you for everything (Cliff, Sharon,& Drew) my second family" -Yumel 

If you’re thinking about remodeling your closet and adding some statement pieces, than is your boutique


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