We're Hiring!


Working at YG COLLECTION will provide you the ability to accelerate your career and learn and grow with a rapidly growing fashion brand. We are so excited that you are interested in being a part of our purpose-driven team.



We are a seeking a dynamic professional to elevate our brand through influencer affiliate, and social media marketing. You'd be responsible for developing, implementing, and managing affiliate marketing campaigns to promote our company's products virtually.

An individual with the following qualities:

Extensive Experience: With a background of 3+ years, someone who's honed their skills in influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing and successfully navigated the evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying ahead of trends to deliver strategies that stand the test of time. 

Innovation and Adaptability: Digital marketing is ever-evolving, and we need someone who thrives on staying ahead of the curve. Bringing a creative and innovative approach to every project ensures that our brand remains fresh, relevant, and resonant with our target audience.

Results-driven approach: Someone who is passionate about delivering tangible results. From growing brand visibility to boosting engagement and driving conversions, this individual is consistently working towards achieving measurable success.

Global Perspective: Understands the nuances of different fashion brands' markets and tailor strategies to suit the unique needs of our brand

Collaborative Partnership: Our vision is at the heart of every campaign you undertake. We can create a bespoke digital marketing strategy that meets and exceeds our objectives by working closely. 


  • Manage 50+ affiliates per month while fostering relationships and long-term partnerships
  • Create an Influencer & Affiliate Strategy fitting our brand goals and budget
  • Develop and execute high performance-driven campaigns
  • Actively explore and reach out to potential and influential affiliates via DM, TikTok, Email + other means daily
  • Report on weekly ROI and aim to surpass KPI objectives
  • Align with the marketing calendar of the brand 
  • Collaborate with our social team to devise comprehensive marketing strategies that align with our affiliate strategies

[The perfect candidate easily checks off the below]
*Results-driven and focused = sales.
*Charismatic and creates relationships easily, a TOP communicator.
*An existing affiliate network is considered an asset.
*You MUST have previously generated sales every month with an affiliate program.



We are looking for an executive virtual assistant who is highly organized and has experience with Shopify to join our team and become an indispensable right hand. As a Virtual Assistant, you will support daily tasks, ensure smooth operations, and contribute to overall efficiency. This is a generalist position with a focus on adaptability, proactivity, and organizational skills. The successful candidate will undergo a 4-week paid intensive training program to align with my expectations and workflow.

Responsibilities subject to but not limited to:

  • Provide exceptional customer service with email correspondence with customers.
  • Create product listings and descriptions.
  • Fill out the Inventory setup form for restocks.
  • Daily orders checks
  • Manage direct communication/workflow with our team overseas
  • Assist in project-related tasks.
  • Researching and selecting qualified business collaborations.
  • Performing administrative tasks and general support.


If you have the required skills and 3+ years of experience, and you can meet the presence requirements remotely. We encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity by submitting your resume and a motivational letter outlining your interest and suitability for this position to